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Thank you for all the time and financial assistance you have offered with such generosity.
Your kindness makes a difference to your neighbor's lives every day.

Linda Albright

Debbie Arnold

Richard Ash

Kate Auslen

Bank of the Sierra

Teresa Baudanza

Linda and Ronald Becker

Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church

Rev. Amy Beveridge

Autumn Beveridge

Celia and Mark Bewley

Linda Bishop

Naomi Blakely

Michelle Blanc

Joan Bloomfield

Betsy Bloombaum

Rev. Heather Branton

California Immigrant Resilience Fund

Erin Calmere

Teresa Campbell

Central Coast Funds for Children

Elena Chavez

Claudia Collier

Carol Collins

Commonwealth Charitable Fund

The Community Foundation

Community Church of Atascadero

Brooke Cone

Congregation Ohr Tzafon

JoLynn Crow

Dalene Eimon

Belen Estrada

Lisa Fraser

Debbie Frye

Mary Gabriel

Janelle Gorman

Erin Gray

Dianne Greenaway

Sonia Greene

Gail Gresham

Bonnie Grife

Jessica Griffiths

Claudia Guzman

Marilyn Hamilton

Jan Hansen

Karen Harris

Kholood Hassan

Kenneth and Katherine Hendricks

Bessie Hoffman

Jerry Iversen

Anne Johnstone

Karolyn Kinsey

Nancy Knox

Meg Kuykendall

Learn, Connect, Play Foundation

Shelly LeBlanc

Rachel Letter

Ann Marie McMahon

Vicki McPartland

Rabbi Janice Mehring

Luis E. Torres Mejia and Nora A Gaisi De Torres

Sanda Meredith

Alice Morris

Kathy Myers

April Ober

Lee Perkins

Janet Price

Lois and Richard Ramont

Kaye Rasband

Paso Robles Bible Church

Roy and Linda Rawlings

Gizella Raymond

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Kaye Rasband

Dan Rich

Sandy Richardson

Leslie Robinett

Robin Rosenberg

Jayne and Paul Sacks

Saint James Episcopal Church

Christine Sallee

Bettina Salter

J&L Simon

Helen Slack

Tyra Solomon

Melany and Larry Spielman

Grace Steele

Linda Stewart

Christina Suminski-Spreafico

Christopher Toews

Twin Cities Community Hospital Volunteers

Mary-Lou and Michael Tyler

Rebecca VanBrasch

Betian Webb

Beth Winters

Margaret Wold

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