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Can you give a few hours a month?


Host a Communal Meal

Invite friends, neighbors, or others in your sphere of influence. Do it any way you wish -- Wine and apps, potluck, tea and desserts…be creative.  Share the history and purpose of NeighborAid, read the stories of individuals and families served, and encourage people to get involved and become regular givers.


Hands-On Support

Join our organizational gat​herings to work by consensus toward the mission of  North County NeighborAid. Lend support and advice, strategize to reach our goals, share stories of success and need, and nurture the growth of this project as it gets off its feet.  No experience necessary, just commitment to this work.



It’s just what it sounds like.  Use your personal vehicle to pick up in-kind donations or store purchases to deliver them to our storage area.

Donations and Finances

You do not need to be a math genius or accountant to help with this CRUCIAL team. Consult with the Center for Family Strengthening to ensure transparency and guide budgeting. Help establish our donor database and manage regular communications. 

Social Media

Work with our teen advocates to develop our website, social media presence, and newsletters.

Grant Writing

Have some experience in this?  Research local opportunities and apply for grant funding appropriate to our mission and goals and commitments.

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